This chapter is useful for people who want to ask for an offer and for who wants to compare estimates of different companies.

For this purpose the point entitled “How to read an offer” is very important. It impartially tries to help people who don’t know the pyrotechnic language.

  1. Read the estimate
  2. Ask for an estimate
  3. How is it possible to calculate the number of fireworks of an offer?
  4. How to verify that the number of fireworks/mortars is not too high in comparison to the agreed price?
  5. What influences a show of fireworks?
  6. What are the Openings ?
  7. Practical example of misleading offer
  8. Why the quantity of fireworks devices is never the same of mortars?
  9. Why the shots number is not proportional to the number of fireworks devices and/or mortars ?
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