Our suggestions

Who buys or use a pyrotecnic device and follows the suggestions of the experts can celebrate and have fun without troubles. Who is bold and do things without reflection runs the risk to get hurt and in some cases to be ruined forever.

A) Before buying

It is recommended to check the label on the product and read carefully the following information:

  • Classification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Name of the producer or of the importer
  • Instructions

Verify that the product is in excellent conditions without spot of humidity or damages.

B) After buying

Never keep a pyrotechnic device and above all products with rubbing burn in your pocket or in your backpack because they could self-prime with your body motion.

We suggest carton boxes or bags.

Preserve the bought products in safe rooms, far from free flames and hot sources.

Remember that humidity compromises them and their safety. Keep the products of the 4th and 5th category far from people younger than 18 years old.

C) Burning

Shoot the pyrotechnic device in open air, far from buildings, people and dangerous locations for fire such as factories and woods.

Never use in case of wind.

Burn only one device per time and be careful to keep them away from sparkles of other products.

Remember not to go near the device with your face.

Burn the fuse stretching out your arm and keep some distance between the device and your body.

In case of missing or partial shot:

  • Do not try to burn it again;
  • Do not try to verify the cause of the bad working;
  • Do not put your face over the object;
  • Do not try to take it with your hands;
  • Wait the product to be colder;
  • Destroy it soaking it in water;
  • NEVER abandon unexploded devices!

D) Practical use

Here below we sum up some suggestions to use pyrotechnic devices having fun in a safe way.

  • 1) BENGALA
    Burn it keeping a right distance from people and objects in order to avoid burns and fire. Do not keep it in your hand but fix it at a pole or at a stand.
    Lean them on the soil on a hard and plain surface. Burn the fuse and go away immediately.
    The candle must stand up in a vertical position. We suggest you to fix it on the soil and tie it up at a pole or put it in a pipe.
  • 4)ROCKET
    Put the rocket in a launching pipe slightly bent. Burn it and go away immediately. Use it far away from buildings and without wind.
    Fix the mortar on the soil in a vertical position, far away from buildings and without wind. Slip one sphere per time and make the fuse end to come out from the upper side of the mortar. Burn it and go away immediately. To be safer stop the mortar with stones or bricks.
  • 6) WHEELS
    Use the special holes to nail the device on a pole and go away immediately.
  • 7)SHOWS
    Lean the devices on the soil on a hard and plain surface to avoid that they turn over. Burn them and go away immediately. To be safer stop the devices with stones and bricks.
    Rub the cracker top on the special lighter (like Minerva supplied when you buy crackers) and throw it away on the soil far from people and objects. Wait a few seconds for the effect. Do never keep crackers in your pockets or in your backpacks; use carton boxes or bags. In case they don’t break don’t come near, wait some minutes and then destroy them in water.
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